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This gentle formula is ideal for acne clients with sensitive skin.  It is step 2 in BiON’s successful three step system for treating acne for dry, sensitive and acne rosacea skin.  Follicle Clearing Lotion has effective bacterial control against P. acnes and other acne bacteria. It has concentrations of Salicylic Acid 0.5% and Glycolic Acid 1%.  It’s ability to keep follicles clear and its anti-inflammatory benefits also make it an essential product for rosacea and acne rosacea. Niacinamide and Curcumin have been added to boost the effectiveness and speed of control. pH 3.3 

Follicle Clearing Lotion - BiON

C$42.50 Regular Price
C$21.25Sale Price
    • Gentle formula for dry to sensitive skin
    • Superior product for rosacea and acne rosacea
    • Clears follicles and has anti-inflammatory benefits