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DMK cannot be sold online. Please contact shop for DMK product pricing and to place an order. 


Treat, prevent and reduce the symptoms of acne and unwanted breakouts. This 3-step treatment cleanses, revives and nourishes your skin, for a clean, clear complexion. 


DMK products included

  • FREE Acu Klenz
  • Acu Masque
  • Acu Moist

Clear Skin Solutions Kit - DMK

  • ACU KLENZ is a sulfate and paraben-free cleanser with salicylic acid as the exfoliating, cleansing agent. ACU MASQUE absorbs excess oil and dissolve dead skin cells, revising the function of your skin - not just the surface. ACU MOIST is a moisture occluding lotion ideally suited for those experiencing excessive dryness caused by other acne treatments or those seeking a non-oily, gentle moisturizing cream.