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Biogen C is a “beauty in a flash” cream designed to pick up tired and stressed skin. Biogen C aims to stimulate, tone, and tighten dull stressed skin. Improves tissue oxygenation and strengthens weakened capillaries. It also helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


DMK Biogen C is great for people who want to look refreshed and youthful. Formulated using collagen-boosting ingredients that help to improve the skin's elasticity, it works to tone and tighten the skin. To help plump fine lines and smooth out wrinkles, Biogen C binds water to skin cells and increases overall hydration. Biogen C can also be used to strengthen weakened capillaries and calm skin under environmental stress.

Biogen C 50ml - DMK

  • This moisturizer is recommended for clients with inflamed, dry, rosacea skin with fragile capillaries and mature skin. Within one month, clients notice lifting, tightening, and improvement in sun damage. 

    Pro Tip: It is amazing for pre and post-surgical skincare! Use for 6-8 weeks before and after surgery, recommended to combine it with Beta Gel and Contraderm to help to heal faster and prevent scarring.