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DMK’s Aminodine is an age management formulation that contains natural extracts that could help revive mature, middle-aged, and sun-damaged skins. A refreshing hydrating spray that soaks into the skin helping to reactivate glucose and normalizing the free radical effect of glycation (reduces the ability of collagen fiber to regenerate leading to wrinkling, creping, and sagging of the skin).


For sun-damaged and mature skin, DMK Aminodine helps to inhibit deep cross-linked wrinkles and a yellow appearance. Formulated using antioxidants it also works to revise an excess of weakened and fragile capillary vessels and increase free water levels to refresh and rehydrate the skin. To help in the maintenance of the skin's elasticity DMK Aminodine contains cucumber oil which assists to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness. 

Aminodine Spritz - DMK

  • This mist is a must-have for aging and dry skin, it's perfect for glycation, which is when sugars bind and destroy skin's elastin and collagen. Glycation can be visible or not, it gives skin an unusual texture and yellowness. Use it for preventative and treatment measures along with DMK serums.